The 16th AASA Cup will be held May 27th - May 30th

at Overpeck County Park in Ridgefield Park, NJ

The AASA Board will be complying with all Federal, State, and Local regulations with regards to COVID-19.  Updates will be provided as needed.  

Rules and  Regulations*

  • A team registered in AASA may not have more than 27 registered active players dressed up for a game at one time

  • Only 3 non-Afghan players or 3 Afghans from outside of the USA (international Afghans)

  • Proof of Afghan Identity as well as residence is required when subject to question

  • Students on a student visa need to show a college ID

  • Note: Canadian Teams – Any Afghan Outside of Canada will be considered an international Afghans 

  • A written acknowledgment/commitment of team participation is required by May 18, 2022

  • No metal cleats


*More updates to come

For more information , please call Timor Nasseri at 201 741 9647


We put ideas into action!

Afghan American Sports Association (AASA) provides the necessary resources that are essential for physical and mental growth.  AASA is well known for hosting the very popular Memorial Day Soccer tournament. The tournament features Afghan-American athletes from all across North America. Spectators reach a number in the thousands each year and is a highly anticipated event for many people. In addition to our annual tournament, we have new and exciting projects currently in development; such as a Community Youth Center and a Youth Soccer Camp. These projects are essential in providing our future athletes the tools necessary to succeed.


AASA is always looking for help from the community and from our youth!  Need to put in volunteer time for your school?  Looking to be more active in the North American Afghan community?  Contact us to volunteer!


The 2022 AASA Cup will be held this year from May 27 - May 30, 2022.  This year we have an incredible 14 teams registered in three groups.  Group I has 5 Teams, Group IIhas  5 Teams, and Group III has 4 Teams.  The following teams will advance to the Quarter Final Round: the 3 Top Teams from Group I, the 3 Top Teams from Group II, and the 2 Top Teams from Group III.  The Semi-Final Games will be played by the highest-ranked team from the Quarter Final Round VS Lowest Ranked.  Note: Team rankings for the semifinal round are based on 1st round rankings. 

We look forward to seeing the teams and the crowds at Overpeck County Park!  As always, we look forward to an incredible tournament and a wonderful event for all to enjoy!


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