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Afghan American Sports Association is a non-profit organization, with no political or religious affiliation. Our purpose is to unite the Afghan diaspora in North America and promote amateur sports within our community. The Afghan American Sports Association (AASA) is a group dedicated to the growth and development of the youth.  Our organization strives to provide the means by which our young Afghan men and women can come together in order to develop their mental and physical fitness.  AASA is also a networking hub, in which the Afghan Community can unite in order to support a worthy cause and promote the success of the next generation of young Afghan athletes and leaders.  Most importantly, AASA is a symbol of unity within the Afghan American and North American Community.


We put ideas into action!

AASA provides the necessary resources that are essential for physical and mental growth.  The Afghan American Sports Association is well known for hosting the very popular Memorial Day Weekend soccer tournament. The tournament features Afghan athletes from all across North America.  Our spectators reach a number in the thousands each year and is a highly anticipated event for many people. In addition to our annual tournament, we have new and exciting projects currently in development; such as a Community Youth Center and a Youth Soccer Camp. These projects are essential in providing our future athletes the tools necessary to succeed.

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